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Japanese cuisine offers an enticing array of flavors and textures for tourists to savor. Indulge in sushi, featuring fresh fish atop vinegared rice, or try delicate sashimi for a pure taste experience. Warm your soul with a steaming bowl of ramen, rich broth swirling around chewy noodles and savory toppings. Tempura delights with crispy battered seafood and vegetables, showcasing Japan’s frying mastery. Experience teppanyaki, where chefs dazzle with culinary skills on a hot iron grill. Vegetarians can enjoy vegetable tempura, tofu dishes, and flavorful sushi rolls. From street food stalls to fine dining, Japan offers a delectable adventure for every palate.

You can book our companion out for a quality dinner with a drink before the massage service. If you book in advance we can arrange a good English-speaking companion for you if the timing is suitable.