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Yes we can, but most hotels do not allow direct connection to rooms after a certain time.

If you prefer we contact you through the hotel line, we will need your room number and the surname used to check-in to the room.

Not an uncommon problem, or maybe you are sharing a room with someone else.

We can point you in the right direction for a love hotel or short-term rental room. Please be aware we generally do not send out your companion until you have checked into the room and provided us with a room number. If you are somewhat time-limited and looking for a room, we may require that you pre-pay your encounter using a credit card so that we can dispatch your companion immediately.

If you would still prefer to pay cash we can immediately refund your card once the girl arrives and receives payment.

If you are not sure if a Rental Room of Love Hotel will suit you better, check out this article that will explain them a little better.

No, we will never charge any additional fees. The price (including any extras and delivery fees) will be agreed upon before we send your companion to you. If upon arrival the amount the girl requests is different from this, please Contact Us, or have your companion contact us. It is likely a miscommunication on our side. You will never have to pay more than the agreed price. Ever.

For an idea of the total price for the service please visit our Price Calculator.

No – she will not. Unlike other shops, we will not send someone else to collect money (and potentially leave without delivering your companion – it happens). Only your companion will arrive at your door, and that will be the only face-to-face contact that you will have with our service.

Like most of these services in Japan, we charge a “Naming” fee if you request a particular companion. This fee goes directly to the companion and is a “bonus” of sorts. We charge 5,000 Yen as a naming fee (cheaper than most), otherwise, your booking will be fulfilled by the next available companion on the roster.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it encourages the companions to provide a superior service, therefore promoting return customers for themselves. And secondly, superior service also leads to favorable reviews for the companion, once again drawing more clients.

Yes, we will accept most major currencies. If you wish to pay in a currency other than Japanese Yen, please let your booking agent know. Your booking agent will then quote you a price in your preferred currency based on the current spot rate + a small exchange commission.

Sending a girl for sex is illegal in Japan, with sex being defined as Vaginal Penetration with a Penis. Everything else is a free-for-all.

However, if two people were to meet and “fall in love”, what happens next is beyond our control.

Booking is quite simple. Either use the online chat (in the bottom right-hand corner of the page), give us a call on +81-50-3635-0497, or use one of the links below to contact us on WhatsApp, Line or WeChat.

Of course. We can issue an official Japanese receipt for you in the name of a real restaurant (in case anyone looks…). You just need to notify us before your companion has left to meet you. If you require the receipt later, please contact us and we can send you an electronic receipt.

If you want an electronic receipt from the payment provider NeoCharge, just make sure that you enter your email address when you are making the payment and they will send you one directly.

Our service is 100% legal, and we are licensed to provide our out-call service across the country.

That being said, sex (vaginal penetration with a penis) is not allowed, as that is against the law.

However, if two people were to say “fall in love” when meeting, what happens next is beyond our control.