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After contacting us, we will send your companion to your Hotel room or if you have asked us to arrange a for a rental room, simply send us your assigned room number after check-in. Your companion will go directly to your room if she is able to, otherwise, we will message or call you so that you can go to the lobby to collect her.

Once she has entered your room, either pay her the cash for the booking or complete your credit card transaction online here. Your session time starts from when your companion enters your room, not from when you collect her from the lobby if you are required to do so.

Remember once your shower/bath session has finished, give your companion a few minutes of private time to herself in the shower before the session continues.





Do’s Dont’s
Be A Gentleman
No Drugs
Take your time & Enjoy
No Excessive Alocohol
Be Safe
No Violence
  No Verbal Abuse